Transform Through Movement and Creative Expression


InterPlay is a philosophy and practice that integrates body, mind and spirit by using a set of tools and practices that returns people to their voice, movement, stories, and stillness, and thus unlocking the wisdom contained in our very own bodies.
Interplay is a way to retrieve our souls. If you renew your ability to play, you can access more authentic ways of expressing yourself, bring more freedom and ease into your life.
Interplay is a wonderful mindful practice and embodies wellness.


Soul Movers

A spiritual practice of selflove, forgiveness, and compassion and letting the ‘dance’ of your prayers come from within. I facilitate a safe place that allows us to express ourselves through our “body temple”, to experience and feel more joy and soulful connection. Soul Movers embodies wellness.


Kat's Kiddy Korner

I will direct and create a ONE OF A KIND, Birthday Show with your child as the star, and all the birthday guests will be their supporting cast! Together we will discover and explore creative possibilities that movement and music have to offer as well as practicing movement improv and storytelling.


Hi, I’m Kat Brown

My passion for creating meaningful experiences have helped many students and adults to learn to express spirit and emotions through various body movement tools and form. I tailor my workshops & programs to my audience providing a fun interactive playtime for children and for adults to explore new ways to discover the wisdom of their bodies.

Kat has a spirit for life that is infectious. Her interpretive dance workshops at our Arts for All Celebration every spring is the highlight of our day. Our group of handicapped kids flock to her workshop because she makes them smile, feel alive and relate to others in a way that only music – and Kat – can accomplish. She is the Pied Piper of Happiness in our world.
Nick Edson

Board Member, Arts for All

First off, I want to say thank you for all your work with our kids. They are truly lucky to have you! I thought the interplay sessions were amazing. They challenged students to follow directions and engage in an experience that they would have not had. You came with clear expectations and the students really responded well. Students seemed engaged and learned to move their bodies to the sounds of multiple genes of music. Seth, one of the participants of interplay stated, “Miss Kat made us move to the music. I felt calm after she came. I like when Miss Kat comes and we get to move around the room”
Kayla Schaub

Special Education Teacher, TBAISD-CMS

Kat is a joy bringer and a joy finder
Cynthia Winton-Henry

Co founder , Interplay

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Happy Clients


Joy In Life

Supporting you through genuine connections in life, body and Spirit.

Spiritual Discernment

By learning how to listen to the body, you will hear your Soul’s voice.

Self Care

New tools to understand body wisdom in order to reduce stress and renew your natural spontaneous creativity.

Therapeutic Support

Providing embodied paths for self-discovery and healing.

Community Connections

Building connections to create authentic mutual support.

Serotonin Booster

The serotonin that is naturally released through doing InterPlay helps in healing not only the mind and body, but increases joy.

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