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Kat’s teaching philosophy is educationally based curriculum connects the individual child involved with the learning experience personally, directly and uniquely.  Now living in Traverse City for the past 14 years, Kat is know in the area as an “exuberant creative teaching specialist”.  Kat works with various organizations, both public and private schools, daycare and preschool programs and retirement homes with her unique teaching activities. (TBA/movement & music with special needs kids, Old Town Playhouse/choreography & Children’s programs, Munson Child Care/ music & movement, as well as guest specialist for Head Start Family programs.)

That was then and this is NOW!

Kat has always been known for her love, zeal and joy with guiding young children. NOW she has found that InterPlay is a perfect way to get adults to play more, just for the sake of it!

Always a mover and a shaker, two and a half years ago, Kat started on a journey to become an InterPlay leader and to lead others through this unique creatively active play practice! InterPlay is an international improvisational play practice that uses movement, storytelling, stillness and contact to unlock the wisdom of the body.

In her own words:

The biggest gift InterPlay has given me is how to have fun sober and to be my true Self. The most beneficial gift that recovery and InterPlay both share is: neither one can happen in isolation, but ONLY in community connection with others in recovery. It is this mutuality—the sharing of feelings, struggles, hopes, and triumphs without blame or judgment—that we can find the most powerful resources for healing. InterPlay offers me an opportunity to interact in an embodied way. (not separating mind-body-spirit) This is most empowering for me! We all have bodies which are not separated from our souls, but we seldom have opportunities to bring to life our integrated WHOLESELVES. This wholeness that I’m talking about is a result of having the inner and the outer parts of myself balanced and connected, so that they reflect each other. The practice of InterPlay, as in recovery, allows my inner self to be expressed which brings me to a profound experience about my spiritual essence. These two things are not separate from one another as I had once experienced. InterPlay,like recovery, is a practice. It’s a way of being and experiencing this wholeness and the appreciation of that in everything.


Through InterPlay, as like other forms of recovery, it helped me practice willingness and opportunities to be open, to myself and others, in a honest and vulnerable way. My recovery meetings have been fertile ground for learning to feel safe and trust a group of strangers, who have become my family of choice. In recovery we develop the power of choice. InterPlay too has opportunities to develop and execute each individuals power of choice. Choice in what and how we choose to participate, share, and relate to others.

 More about Kat:  Kathi Brown, more personally known to many as ‘KAT’, is a native of the Lone Star State of Texas.  She currently holds a Texas and Michigan Teaching Certificates, Child Development Accreditation (CDA), her ZA endorsement, and Early Childhood Education certification.  Ms. Brown earned her (AA) Applied Arts Degree from Kilgore Jr. College, her (BA) Bachelor of Arts in Art Education and (MA) Masters Degree in dance education at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas.  Kat also had the great opportunity to develop and expand her talents in movement education at Houston Texas’s Fine Arts Magnet School as a dance specialist for grades K-5th.

Kat has been teaching since 1983 and has helped hundreds of students reconnect with their bodies, themselves, and their community in a fun and engaging way.

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