A type of dramatic creative expression that uses simple incremental forms to help you explore your creativity, storytelling, movement, sound, stillness, and contact in an accessible step-by-step way. It helps to free your body and yinterour voice, deepen the connection with your creative self, bring breath and ease back into your life, and build awareness of the wisdom of your body, all while cultivating meaningful community connection.

Expect to laugh, savor and relax & be surprised by what you can do!

Come join us for a joyful, creative, and transformative experience.

Soul Movers

SOUL MOVERS is a spiritual practice of selflove, forgiveness, and compassion and letting the ‘dance’ of your prayers come from within (practice because we need to do it over and over for it to be integrated into our bodies).

Kats Korner

Integrates your child’s theme or children’s literature with knowledge of BrainGym exercises, Laughter Yoga, and dramatic improve play with opportunities for interests and self-expression through BRAIN based developmental movement, dramatization, music and rhythmic activities.

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