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InterPlay is easy, fun, and life changing. It is based in a series of incremental “forms” that lead participants to movement and stories, silence and song, ease and amusement. In the process, we discover the wisdom in ourselves and our communities.


Because you want to feel better, to find a healthy moral compass, to be wise, alive, and more creatively engaged. InterPlay taps movement, voice, stillness, and stories-our birthright practices-to help people connect to themselves and others.


Public classes are offered monthly. Stay up to date on the next class time and location by going to our MeetUp page and liking our Facebook page.

Private Group Settings

What Others Are Saying

“Many of our clients are stuck in some way, unable to “get moving”, others can’t seem to stop moving!   InterPlay is a way to practice movement and stillness from the “bottom-up”, that is, non-verbally, experimentally, playfully.  InterPlay widens our repertoire of skills beyond emotion and cognition.  And when we remember our own ability to move and play, we provide an example for our clients.  Sometimes learning can be fun!”
Martha Osterberg


“InterPlay has allowed me to access my own body wisdom through movement, play and non-verbal connection with others.  In turn I have been able to bring my experience to each psychotherapy sessions and be present for each client in a more embodied manner.  For me, InterPlay provides an experience where I can integrate mind-body psychotherapy, meditation and spiritual practice, movement and meaningful interpersonal connection.  InterPlay has allowed me to deepen my experience of myself, then in turn sit with my clients in a more embodied, connected manner.”
Denise Hanna Bisanz


“Kat Brown has been an amazing source of joyful energy and patient teaching.  I appreciate her focused and creative vision for whatever we are working on.  It is clear that she puts a lot of hard work, time and thought into her lessons.  She never disappoints.”
Jennifer Rico

Who can benefit?

Entrepreneurs – InterPlay teaches individuals launching or growing a venture how to listen and use inherent tools found in the body to support and inspire.

Recovery – Using InterPlay as an active way of living the 12 Steps in mind, body, heart, and spirit creating greater fullness in recovery.

Therapeutic Settings – InterPlay supports therapeutic processes and gives both therapist and clients more embodied paths for self-discovery and personal healing. “Answers” that come from within the body vs. the mind can open up depths of old emotions and beliefs to surface, face, decipher and explore.

Wellness for Organizations / Corporations – Using InterPlay as a tool box for understanding body wisdom in reducing stress, and renewing collaboration, creativity and productivity to your work bodies.

Elderly, Retirement Communities– InterPlay supports joy in life, increasing vitality and connections Alzheimer creatively . Since no particular abilities required, everyone can join in and participate to the best of their ability. Its more about genuine connections that are made.

Community Development – InterPlay is used as a building and deepening practice in circles of people engaged in mutual support in many forms, including economic, spiritual, and emotional. Fosters authentic community connections.

Children K-12 – InterPlay helps kids (all levels) learn through creative, whole-brain processes, in addition to giving a whole lot of permission to just be themselves.

Parents and Children – InterPlay teaches parents embodied skills for healthy parent child development. Familiey s and is a great outlet for parents who just need to play themselves!

College / University / Graduate Schools – InterPlay with people in Higher Education provides a mind-body method for doing action research that leads to new insights in familiar areas of study.

Faith Communities – InterPlay with people where they worship helps spirituality become a whole body experience.

Spiritual Direction– Using InterPlay to support listening to your body, noticing whole body experiences of Spirit and for discernment of Spirit and for discernment.

Health Care /Self Care – InterPlay workshops for professionals in health care settings, using InterPlay to assist in their own self care.

Prisons – InterPlay with people who are incarcerated supports them in reclaiming their lives by reclaiming their bodies. Creates a new mindset that opens up the humanity that we all share. Compassion, understanding, self-acceptance, and self-forgiveness, to begin to shift old beliefs and ways of thinking.

Cancer Recovery – Using InterPlay to rediscover joy, meaning, purpose and wisdom that resides within as a patient and survivor.

Creative Opportunity Exploration – Using InterPlay as a tool to open up to your muse, new opportunities and creative expression adventures. and creative adventures and exploration.

Health – InterPlay can be used as a proactive practice for increasing health in mind, body, and spirit. A tool for managing depression and or chronic illness. The serotonin that is naturally released through doing InterPlay helps in healing not only the mind and body, but increases joy.

Ideas, Dreams and Visions – Using InterPlay to payout ideas, dreams, and visions for a visceral understanding of the messages we give ourselves.

Nature – InterPlay is a great tool for playing outdoors, interacting with the wind, water, trees, rocks, soil, leaves, sky—and each other.

Hospice / Chaplaincy– Using InterPlay to support people in healing, grieving and celebrating with others.

Medicine / Nursing– Listening to the body to support healing by involving personal body wisdom, imagination and health as a resource for the healing journey.

Meditation – Use InterPlay as a tool to improvise meditation in the full gamut of movement, voice, and stillness.

Performance – Dancers, musicians, actors and other artists use InterPlay’s improvisational techniques to create spontaneous and surprising elements in set pieces. InterPlay practices are also ideal for mining personal material that will develop into set artistic works.

Singing – Playing with our voices and all the sounds we can make to become better singers. Making fun music for all experience levels, solo, duet and choral.

Social Work– Using InterPlay as a tool for use with individual clients, in groups, and in supervision to build community, demonstrate healthy social practices and create venues for healing.

Writing / Visual Art / Performance -Using InterPlay to inspire and influence writing, art and performance.

Want to find out how to incorporate this unique practice into your community, group, church family, workplace? There are unlimited ways that InterPlay can be facilitated.  Just ask!

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