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Interplay for Families


Interplay is a interactive, creative practice that unlocks social community connections. Using five modalities: storytelling, voice/sounds, movement, stillness and contact, we explore what our physical bodies and imagination will spontaneous present to us.  This is done in incremental steps and easy to follow instructions to allow people of all ages to participate at their own body’s comfort with ease.  COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS is what it’s all about, how to bring us as a society together to PLAY and enjoy others at the same time.

In this digital age, we need to “PRACTICE” and share with our children, how important community is to us as a whole.  With INTERPLAY, we will share our stories and creative energies to allow for genuine authenticity.

INTERPLAY can be for family gatherings such as REUNIONS, BIRTHDAYS, PROMOTIONS and celebrations and or gatherings of all types.

Birthday Packages


Spot light and engage your child’s innate creativity in a BIRTHDAY SHOW…starring THEM and their guests. I will direct and creatre a ONE OF A KIND, Birthday Show with your child as the star, and all the birthday guests will be their supporting cast!  Together we will discover and explore creative possibilities that movement and music have to offer as well as practicing movement improve and storytelling.

“Edu-tainer” Kat Brown integrates your child’s theme or children’s literature with knowledge of BrainGym exercises, Laughter Yoga, and dramatic improve play with opportunities for interests and self-expression through BRAIN based developmental movement, dramatization, music and rhythmic activities. Each session will consist of activities that will not only encourage creative spontaneity, but also will connect and engage your child personally with their brains, bodies/coordination, rhythmic delivery,(improves reading skills), FUN, imagination,FUN, sequencing skills, body presentation and communication skills, FUN, creative expression, self-esteem and confidence……..oh yeah, did I mention FUN?

Benefits: Developmental skills in Active listening, brainstorming, sequencing and memory, transitional skills, vocabulary, speech/language communication, self-confidence, courage, the ethic of play through self-discipline, practice and practice and practice and practice,and FUN!

Character traits: Fosters creativity, self-confidence and respect, spontaneous thinking out of the box ideas, collaboration, making eye contact when talking or listening, following directions, manners of kindness to ALL, taking corrections positively, discipline of cooperation, positivity, pride (in a good and healthy way), and practicing social skills. There are more, but you will discover them on your own.

You Provide:

  • a “stage” space with audience space
  • minimum time 2 hrs —-to maximum 4 hrs (to create and practice )
  • given time the parents or guardians to attend the SHOW!


  • 2 hours –  $200
  • 3 hours –   $275
  • 4 hours – $350

“My grand kids love you , Ms. Kat!!!  From the day you met them, they have always looked forward to the fun they would have in your classes.  It’s rare that they get that excited about an adult.”

Lisa Molmen


“I love and admire this women so very much!  Grateful to work together at the Old Town Playhouse.”

Dennise Don Hunting

Kat recently led 4 sessions of Interplay within my classroom of young adults with significant autism.  She did a great job of connecting with the students and encouraging participation.  She also was willing to adjust her plan or communication style to meet the needs of the students.  My students seemed to enjoy their time, and engaged with Miss Kat for upwards of an hour, which is no small task!  Two students in particular really appear to be enjoy themselves, with huge smiles on their faces the ENTIRE time! Thanks for coming and spending time with us, and helping us to connect with ourselves!

Sarah Olree

Teacher, TBAISD

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