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A Customized Workshop Series for Your Spiritual Community
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We are not bodies, we are souls. – CS Lewis

S OUL MOVERS is a spiritual practice of selflove, forgiveness, and compassion and letting the ‘dance’ of your prayers come from within (practice because we need to do it over and over for it to be integrated into our bodies).

My mission is to embody our whole selves in a liturgical moving prayer/meditation so we can better listen to our soul’s calling.  We align with our true purpose, becoming more open and present to the abundance that surrounds us. We warm our bodies, mind and souls by deepening our capacity for more joy and connected-ness in our lives.

Soul Movers is a safe place that allows us to express ourselves through our “body temple” and to experience and feel more joy and soulful connection. That in itself is scary enough.

The benefits that we gain from Dancing our Prayers, is a wholeness of combining heart-head-body-soul in honoring our connection to our Source. It is a workout with God-centered praise and worship!

Together, when we embody our hearts desire, we will awaken to our truer Selves as intuitive soul-filled beings and can better embrace what knowledge our body wants to express and to unlock the weary habits and thoughts of our past so we can better celebrate the present.  Soul Movers provides “embodied wellness”.

I would love to lead your vibrant community and share this worthwhile journey of self-exploration and creativity. Let’s share your divine dance…where YOU are the prayer…as part of a loving community in which each individual is essential. Come create a brilliant new version of yourself and your work in the world through ORGANIC expressive movement, stillness, stories, songs and contact.


•  Because we know that movement is medicine
•  Because we are seekers, movers and want relief from the constant mind of thinking
•  Personal empowerment, it activates more personal power
•  It will allow for enhancement in our lives that enlivens, awakens, breaks barriers and explores our innate truths
•  Because we are ready to accept and thank our past and intergrate it into who we are today
•  Because we are curious beings and are hungry for connection and community

InterPlay “….allows my body’s soul to unfold itself in ways that teach me what is moving under the surface of my life, and moves and interfaces whatever that is, in beautiful and unexpected ways.  It keeps me alive.”


Chaplain and Voice Coach

“As a hospital chaplain, I need places to truly integrate body, mind and spirit, in order to be present to my patients and their loved ones.  InterPlay provides that space for me in a way that is fun, creative and spiritually satisfying.  It helps me to discover what’s really going on in my own soul in a way that nothing else can do.  I can’t imagine my life and work without InterPlay!”

Rev. Paula Biddle




Learn how joy, sadness,  stillness, and movement can be sources of deep transformation


To move your body in ways that only feel good to you


An atmosphere of affirming our truer Self with others


No predetermined movements or steps to learn


Give and receive meaningful and heart centered contact


A layering of incremental activities that guide


Space for healing  of a supportive group connection


To feel better, stronger, and focused in your truth


Opportunities for transformation

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